The Scanerr CLI has 3 commands to work with the Test object:

  1. test-site -> create tests of all pages of a specific site
  2. test-page -> create a test of a specific page
  3. get-tests -> get one or more tests


For information about the Test object, please see Test Overview.

Test a Site


This command will create a new Test object for each Page object associated with the passed <site-id>. This command runs synchronously in the terminal and will resolve with a success message or raise an Exception if the resulting Test.score is lower than the passed --min-score. Ideally, this command is designed for use in a CI/CD action - terminating the run if a Test "fails".

The full command to Test a Site is the following:

scanerr test-site <site-id>
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checking site availablity...
✔ site is available

retrieving pages...
✔ retrieved pages

checking pre_scans for each page...
✔ scan completed -> 22da7327-a163-4698-92aa-9a037d5dab1c
✔ scan completed -> af4f0dd9-3770-40ab-af52-4e51b2867bff

creating post_scans for each page...
✔ post_scans created

checking post_scans for each page...
✔ scan completed -> fcfab733-ee07-43e8-8dc9-c133485eed45
✔ scan completed -> 140c8a95-50c3-4840-bf59-a90daaaa94f1

testing page https://example.com/terms            
 test_id    : 40590f9a-7ca8-4b5f-8861-455811c6d18a            
 pre_scan   : 22da7327-a163-4698-92aa-9a037d5dab1c            
 post_scan  : 140c8a95-50c3-4840-bf59-a90daaaa94f1

testing page https://example.com/pricing            
 test_id    : 111bd5d2-1ece-4b2f-8559-b81e0d3d98c9            
 pre_scan   : af4f0dd9-3770-40ab-af52-4e51b2867bff            
 post_scan  : fcfab733-ee07-43e8-8dc9-c133485eed45

checking test completion for each page...
✔ test completed -> 40590f9a-7ca8-4b5f-8861-455811c6d18a
✔ test completed -> 111bd5d2-1ece-4b2f-8559-b81e0d3d98c9

Test results:
 ✔ passed 99.98% : https://app.scanerr.io/test/40590f9a-7ca8-4b5f-8861-455811c6d18a
 ✔ passed 99.87% : https://app.scanerr.io/test/111bd5d2-1ece-4b2f-8559-b81e0d3d98c9

Test a Page


This command will create a new Test object for the Page object associated with the passed <page-id>.

The full command to Test a Page is the following:

scanerr test-page --page-id=<page-id> --pre-scan-id=<pre-scan-id> --post-scan-id=<post-scan-id>
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✔ Success
    'success': True, 
    'message': 'Tests are being created in the background', 
    'ids': ['04892cw95-5f8f-9213-874b-0192b229a234']

Retrieve Tests


This command will retrieve one or more Test objects associated with the passed --page-id=<page-id> or --test-id=<test-id>.

The full command to retrieve a Test is the following:

scanerr get-tests --test-id=<test-id>
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✔ Success
    'id': '3e03e5d8-2891-4a2a-a4bf-8d803a02eb34',
    'site': '5ec5041a-bf5f-440c-a95b-1ae43c91da7d',
    'page': '347d5acd-57a9-4f78-87cd-956ce3c81bd5',
    'time_created': '2024-02-26T21:59:14.006240Z',
    'time_completed': '2024-02-26T22:01:09.502528Z',
    'pre_scan': '8c91da08-0e89-40de-9af6-fc77b3f3b842',
    'post_scan': 'e3597294-68f5-4f09-8dbf-ec8cb95cdb63',
    'score': 100.0,
    'lighthouse_delta': {
        'scores': {
            'pwa_delta': 0,
            'seo_delta': 0,
            'crux_delta': 0,
            'average_delta': 0.0,
            'current_average': 60.2,
            'performance_delta': 0,
            'accessibility_delta': 0,
            'best_practices_delta': 0
    'yellowlab_delta': {
        'scores': {
            'fonts_delta': 0,
            'badCSS_delta': 0,
            'jQuery_delta': 0,
            'average_delta': 3,
            'requests_delta': 0,
            'current_average': 88,
            'pageWeight_delta': 0,
            'serverConfig_delta': 0,
            'badJavascript_delta': 0,
            'cssComplexity_delta': 0,
            'domComplexity_delta': 0,
            'javascriptComplexity_delta': 26
    'tags': None,
    'component_scores': {'vrt': 100.0, 'html': 100.0, 'logs': 100.0, 'yellowlab': 100, 'lighthouse': 100.0}

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