Follow these quick steps to setup your environment for working with the Scanerr CLI

CLI structure


All of the CLI commands follow the same basic structure.

add-<object>Site, Pagecreate object
delete-<object>Site, Pagedelete object
get-<object>sSite, Page, Scan, Testretrieve one or more objects
scan-<object>Site, Pagescan an object
test-<object>Site, Pagetest an object

CLI Setup

  1. Install Scanerr CLI: pip install scanerr
  2. Retrieve your API token located in your account page
  3. Configure the CLI: scanerr config <your_super_secret_api_token>
  4. Check the configuation: scanerr check

Docker CLI Image

This docker image provides easy access to the CLI and priorities single use commands for simple integration with CI/CD tools


docker run scanerr/cli test-site \ 
    <site-id> \
    --min-score 85 \
    --max-wait-time 120 \
    --api-key <api_key>

For a full list of commands:

docker run scanerr/cli --help
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